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First Layer of BTC Address key base, Or the first layer of generic Crypto Address Keybase

The default page is page one when opened, to start with, you may press next or press max to check where would be. The below are Secret exponent (256-bits),uncompressed public keys and compressed public keys needed respectively. The default option is set as Bitcoin (BTC, 0x00 for public, 0x80 for private)

Why there is no wallet import format but only 64 hexadecimal characters instead? When entering the base58 code into A correct box, Following a tutorial found dated on 2013, will convert the code into the hexadecimal term, that is what you seen. Because there are many companies using the same scheme, and I like to save resources, so I have skipped the steps after I realize what is the actual input based on asking, What is the secret code of a public address? So I take that way.

| | min | max

It takes trial-and-error to form a usable table
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