Peoeple usually called me as Kenneth. Introducing some Cyberstars is rescued from almost ruined, who like to do something like actual Madonna again and again when they actually need? I think they can do better so I help them to spread them out if The Alphabet inc don't pay them for their work anymore, although some people still believe godaddy like company has been doing too bad for days I received few hours ago.

In here,There are five stars, 小為,薑檸樂,阿倫,圧倒的不審者の極み and Hydraulic press channel, "Lauri Ja Anni"(Lauri y Anni)

Not quite sure what purpose a website would serve someone like me so this page is here to redirect you to more interesting places.

Because of limited resources, then I better group to one to make an ease as these content below are rarely modified and I need a gate to beam 'em out, some domains may be unavailable soon unless someone like to tip for, HKD 120.00 apiece per year, they can pay but they decide not to. so I make this page, to show what next. as the true owner really not aware about if without .com domains even you don't fully believe it. I personally, yes there are many projects like crowdfunding, but I decide do after a formal paper received as in my place, people aware crowdfunding because of Arist, that coffee machine, . It is said that Google's root are domain names, to express what I read, I roughly say, no .com, no dollars, I personally even dont consider so much SEOs as if people want one, they will get that one automatically.
Below, are the cyberstars, these people better know they should follow the hunggy's way or the Casey's way, If you type, then brings you to his youtube channel, I think the vlogger better study alternative way as I personally don't fully rely on one way, I also have spotted so many defects even people bar me at a moment. Of course some people reveal key things so I am thinking how to run for it, I also need to clear it.


This is a fan-made website of Siuwaiboy, Youtube. Oriental Vlogger



This is a fan-made website of Alanchannel, Youtube. Oriental Vlogger About Nippon



This is a fan-made area of Gingerlemoncola, Youtube. Oriental Vlogger



This is a fan-made area of Kiwamikouba, Youtube vlogger from the Oriental. Main content is, can forge a kitchen knife with alternative material instead of metal?



This is a fan-made area of Vuohensilta, Youtube. Their main content is destruction pleasure.

For their Youtube Channel and Instagram page:
Hydraulic press Channel
Beyond the press
Anni's Youtube Channel

For their Factory: Factory(KONEPAJA)

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Many people use Ming Dynasty Or Tang Dynasty for their Chinese Restaurant in America. Because of Software development, Ming Dynasty may mean Cangjie Chinese input method and her variants. For the view, you can try visiting, I believe the people are as smart as, both are generally for non profit, but packaged as .com for some major reasons.