Is Pony or Cony? This is the question.

I was creating a character of hare, but I accidentally create a horse at a same time.

Updated on 13 September 2018
Start at dawn, End at noon. This is what about me right now. there are some pet projects running. It is said my client is the major catering service in Hong Kong, According to news, she likes to accept a high-speed rail contract for a consideration of 100 Million HKD at least.

Updated on 25 August 2018
Have you heard about ICO and IPO? Both issues shares, With different instruments. Regardless what these people using, there is one thing, be careful When placing your bet, as most of projects are almost no promises even not doing what they say. Why? Perhaps an example of Arist coffee machine? After collecting outstanding amount of dollars, what next? shall make the machine to these buyers, or just buy premium flat for other projects? This worries me as I am planning to register a private limited company with at least two men. Perhaps deciding at least 85% on primary which is agency. the rest is on passive income such as other companies as It is good way for company buying other companies. Perhaps in other plan, the ration may lower when in her own mature status.

Updated on 23 August 2018,
Tomorrow may be the day for next development, It is said fat cats are very mean, Although at last, the fat cat decides to handle the rest. Of course, I do not fully believe that. I am still planning with at least two people, to organize an agency complex, which is for one major purpose, advertising. If you have some ideas about ads today, YOU, need alternative way to do the same thing or you will be turned in dust. There are lots of things yet to be filled and found so must proceed with cautions. It is said hard to do things, question is, have you decided your side carefully? It is difficult because bankers fear if you use them for your irresponsibility. These people may need to pay for your irresponsibility from other members so making things complicated. Of course, some members think a four-Tier plan like thing can reduce the unpleasant.

Updated on 17 Aug 2018, I have asked an author if he likes to replace some known fat cats as his being (With the Israeli as many things known starting from Tel Aviv-Yafo nearby ) is very useful, but with low awareness. Promotional domains, Free of Charge domains, in my mind, well, generally suitable for User Acceptance Test or experimental use. He says, Yes. Unfortunately, he is a child at a moment. In my mind, Good stuff, Bad domain generally equals no money, I personally think you can get something like pep.si or who.si (Election website,I think you have ideas about the usage) with legal reasons, before that, You still better get .com first. For live example, bit.ly, one of URL shortener starts from bitly.com, pepsi is same as bitly too. There is one major drawback, mainly about how to work, perhaps this is one of reasons why the author tries making something like that. I personally also have created some stuff about why people like blockchain and her related things. I used to analyse how directory.io is built, at last, I have figured out, also some methods during the development are applied on my work too. There are two versions of the book, the first one is using get method, and the second one is using inside.

Updated on 16 August 2018, I have turned that venomous snake as tools as some people may still have low awareness about business. The link is nAjAAtrA.com If cannot access, then can use ipfs gateway to access by typing such as .

Updated on 13 August 2018, Hong kong Time, Night, I was invited by a new foundation, unfortunately have to finish some dirty jobs first so being postoned next week.Of course, I personally think the planned meeting looks like a disaster again, of course, I hope that are wrong at last as I personally have noticed defects which must avoid at all cost. When doing a business, using properly is a must.
If like to take a try, I think you can start trying with .tk domains as first year is completely free of charge to see if you are suitable to start with.Of course, if for real, aim on .com, nothing else. Why .com? .com is the only combination which can pass through to Cyrillic and Latin. There are many reasons why you better order .com first. According to webhosting.info's information, It is said every ten thousand domains, at least eighty-one hundred is with .com suffix. The second thing is misrepresentation. As some combination like madonna.com can imply XXX, which is one of major problem around the world, CNN reports, Last thing is, domain at a moment, is the most fair, the cheapest equipment, high availability, Blitzing FAST on the planet although application laws say at all times, domain name DIFFERS registered trademark,registered comapny, people usually say domain name=trademark or company. In personally view, domain name just like a foundain pen with ink to write things, sign things , you need to purchase ink periodically, I believe this is one of reasons why people refuse to get right name back from me so I need to change my way to raise awareness, Perhaps I can try RYUUU.TV way. And let people decide the poor soul's fate.
Maybe I share what I do. Your tipping,Or formally, becoming my sponsor,Your alias or Your legal name shall be posted on my respective website such as here and the five links below depending on how much received.
Here is a plan. You can tip me a pack of coffee for HKD 24.00, or even more depending on your wish.

Updated on 12 August 2018, I am preparing something, before going on, I like to post one of attractives here. Yep, the previous page seems bit bored so I change a background while doing some exercises to get Ready, some people may say,may switched the simulation mode. They are wrong. That foto is without any simulation, This is why some people make some in order to suit for some political needs, espeically his excellency Trump John Donald, Our number one major client in political area. I seldom care your plan, if do real, ensuring you have .com first or things will be harder to do. There is only 145vh left at most, if in need, then may need a specfic page for adding more things.

Updated on 5 August 2018, I am testing IPFS, hoping can provide some cheaper and safer delivery service for some serious people. Insterested? Then Depending on scale, maybe cheaper than you expected if properly prepared! I am testing the protocol with Azure at a moment as new users has 30 days to try out if applicable.

Before August 2018, There are five people which only one has replied my message at a moment, that user believes .com domain is meaningless. Yes, Almost meaningless. Of course, with a trick of IPFS, What I need are ensuring the source and node. Seems one of my lecturers say right. Creating a CA or a very plain page like CaseyNeistat is SUPERB easy,If you like to put on air, then will have to do many hellish amount of paper work while domain registration is the easiest one, You don't have one? Ask Godaddy® to see if you have a chance! Of course, Neocities® is one of ideas to let me try things while I am finding better ways. USD 100 paid in Bitcoin use for at least five years. What the greatest deal I ever made! I appreciate KyleDrake for the opportunity to set things right.
At a moment, there are five people are safe so far, their alias are, 小為,薑檸樂,阿倫,kiwamikouba and Lauri-und-Anni .
Hydraulic Press Channel
If you cannot access the link shown above, then you either need to click here, or using IPFS to access, the IPFS hash is /ipfs/QmXLXpGFe18reoaWMNDRNUn8xsNk5wB8rB7zTUxD48Ykj9 and is protected by cloudflare at a moment. Of course, if the ipfs.io cannot be used, then shall tell you where shall be found. If seriously even the tipping, then I bring you a set of system as Neocities® are not enough, I think I have better ideas.

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